How Restaurants are Becoming ‘The Third Space’

The limited time customers are spending in restaurants is becoming a common trend. According to the article, “How Restaurants are Becoming ‘The Third Space'”, restaurant owners must strive to make a lasting impression on customers. With the limited amount of time the average customer spends in the restaurant, it is essential that they leave with a positive impression. The environment of the restaurant should be welcoming. The author suggests kitchen transparency, comfortable seating, and accessibility as key components of the architecture.

Key Takeaways:

  • A space must be welcoming, with implementation of fresh inviting materials and construction.
  • Ordering should be personalized, with a large move towards kiosk systems that allow an order to be tailor-made to an individual.
  • Drive-thru and table service are also becoming more wide spread, and have been changing dramatically as technology advances.

“Rather than broadcasting polarizing political news, strategic quick-service restaurants are increasingly turning to using customized TV programming with small, snackable segments, or “nuggets” of content that are thought-provoking and reinforce brand values.”

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