New App Logbook Keeps All Management Details Organized

As a manager, it can be difficult enough to keep everything in a bar or restaurant in order and running smoothly, but having to keep track of all the individual processes, from staff schedules to personnel issues, via separate operations is a complete pain. Often, each aspect of the restaurant has its own system, and keeping track of all the moving parts can cause a real headache. This post from Fast Casual announces a new task management tool that will help make all those processes more seamless, and keep it all organized under one umbrella. The Logbook app from HotSchedules keeps scheduling, task management, to-do lists, personnel issues, shift notes and more organized and updated in real time, and structured according to industry-wide best practices. For managers that struggle to keep communication effortless between shifts or have a hard time keeping track of the daily tasks of each member of the staff, Logbook will be like a godsend, keeping all of those details organized in one app. The task management app will help achieve consistency and accuracy, especially when organizing past notes and records, and can even be used to send announcements, messages or training videos to employees in real-time.

Read the full article here: HotSchedules Delivers Mobile Task Management, Communication, Accountability App

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