Shaking the Salt Off Your Menu

A lot of people in the food industry rightfully feel like they are caught in the waves of change rather frequently. This is normal as there are many factors that impact the food industry and restaurant owners must constantly keep their ears to the ground about the current trends.

For example, now that a sizeable amount of American culture is looking towards plant-based diets for health reasons, you have decided to add more salad and meat-free options to your menu.

When the world started to revolve around the health benefits of kale, you and your team developed creative ways to add it to your recipes to keep in touch with the desires of your client.

When people got used to using apps to order things, you worked with a team to beef up your restaurant’s online presence. However, now an increasing number of people are becoming concerned over their salt intake.

If you are looking for ways to stay on top of the trends, read this article today to learn how to best shake the salt off your menu!


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