I enjoyed the audio. I’m not a fast reader so the voice over saved me from reading everything myself. Especially during the test made it easier to take.

Monica A., 9/14/2022

I learned a lot about food handling and pay attention to temperature when processing food.

Ah Hing Y., 10/12/2022

The exam was easy to understand with great information on food safety.

Rene D., 10/27/2022

This was really helpful and didn’t take too long.

Tristan P., 11/16/2022

I enjoyed learning about many kinds of things that we need to know about food.

Erardo G., 12/16/2022

I enjoyed how easy it was to access all videos and is the right pace on explaining each concept for the food handlers information.

Alyssa A., 12/16/2022

The training was very informative and interesting.

Stephen P., 1/9/2023

I actually enjoyed this training. It was informative without being boring and causing one to lose interest or attention.

Vanessa A., 1/25/2023


Antuan T., 1/25/2023

The characters gave useful and understandable information.

Devin J., 2/10/2023

This was better than the servsafe course and way easier to digest.

Nathan E., 2/16/2023

It was well paced and easy to understand.

Rudy D., 12/17/2022

I liked how it taught me alot about foodsafety i didn’t know before taking this course! nice job:)

Ivan C., 2/20/2023

I liked how straightforward and easy to understand it is.

Lyndon R., 2/20/2023

I enjoyed how they gave examples and explain why each procedure is important.

Nicole W., 2/21/2023