Food Service Sanitation Manager Certification

  • Establishments in Illinois must have a certified Food Service Sanitation Manager on premises at all times.
  • The Illinois Department of Public Health no longer issues Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificates (FSSMC). However, applicants are still required to complete an approved 8-hour training course and pass an ANSI-CPFM approved Certified Food Protection Manager exam, such as the ServSafe exam.
  • Certification is valid for 5 years.
If you work in Chicago, you must also get a Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificate issued by the City of Chicago.

How to Get Your City of Chicago Certificate

  1. Complete an approved 8-hour training course.
  2. Pass a nationally accredited exam, such as ServSafe.
  3. Apply for the City of Chicago Food Service Sanitation certificate at Kennedy-King College ($52 fee). Certification is valid for 5 years.