Food Manager Certification

All retail food establishments in Colorado must have at least one employee who is a Certified Food Protection Manager. The certification can be obtained by passing an ANAB-accredited exam, such as ServSafe.

ServSafe® Exam FAQs

To obtain a ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certificate in Colorado, you must pass the ServSafe Certification Exam with a score of 75% or higher.

The ServSafe Food Manager Exam is a nationally accredited exam developed by the National Restaurant Association based on the regulatory requirements and guidelines provided by the 2017 FDA Food Code. It is widely recognized and accepted by health departments nationwide.

Premier Food Safety i an approved partner and ServSafe Exam provider.

Classroom packages include in-person training and in-person proctoring of the ServSafe Certification Exam on a scheduled date at one of our training locations. If you enjoy a dynamic experience that allows you to interact face-to-face with a food safety expert, this is the best option for you.

Online packages include an online training course and an exam code to schedule a proctored exan session with a live proctor. If you prefer to coomplete the training and exam from your own home and would like maximum flexibility to take the course and exam at any time, we recommend this option.

Classroom packages are available in English, Spanish, and Korean. Online packages are available in English and Spanish only

You must receive a score of 75% or higher in order to pass the exam and get your ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certificat.

Our classes in Colorado typically run from 9am – 3pm, although this may vary depending on the language and location. We ask students to arrive 30 minutes in advance for check-in.

Please see below for a typical class schedule:

  • 9am to 12:00pm | Class Instruction
  • 12pm to 12:30pm | 30-Minute Break
  • 12:30pm to 1pm | Review Session
  • 1pm to 3pm | Exam
Yes, depending upon the number of students, our instructots can come to your location. If you are interested in this option, call us for more details.
Yes, if your company certifies several employees a year, please contact our office and we will determine if you qualify for a corporate discount. Please email us at if you have any further questions.