Food Manager Certification

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Food Manager Certification

The Food Manager Certification is required by law in multiple states.

California, Arizona, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Colorado, and Florida, among others, all require that at least one person per establishment holds a valid Food Protection Manager Certificate by an accredited program.

Currently, five nationally accredited exams are accepted by health departments as meeting these certification standards: ServSafe, Prometric, NRFSP, 360 Training, and StateFoodSafety.

Premier Food Safety offers the ServSafe Food Manager Certification exam in both online and in-person formats, as well as multiple training packages to suit your individual needs.

About the Food Manager Certification

The Food Manager Certification is usually valid for 5 years. However, this may vary, depending on your local health jurisdiction.

Food safety training is not mandatory in all states, but it is highly recommended, as it will help you pass the Food Manager Certification exam and equip you with valuable knowledge that will help you succeed in the restaurant industry.

Some states and local jurisdictions have their own additional requirements, such as registering your certificate with the local Health Department or paying an additional issuance fee.

For more detailed information about the food manager certification, please see our state requirements or refer to your local health authority.

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