Food Manager Certification

Food establishments in California are required to have at least one certified food manager who has successfully passed an accredited food safety certification exam, such as ServSafe. Certification is valid for 5 years.

Nice and very educational.

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The instructor is engaging and easy to listen to, which makes the course more enjoyable; it is easier to retain information.

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This has been an awesome course to take. Not only do I feel very confident in taking my exam, but in training my staff as well. Thank you!.

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Very informative. Teacher was very funny and active. Look forward to the test.

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Very well done always have done the serve safe in person so this was all new to me

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Good presentation. Holds attention with humor and helpful association for remembering information.

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Very informative. Important for all food service people to know food safety.

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Instructor was really helpful in providing information at all times. Great Work!!!

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Material was well presented. Appreciated the repetition of important facts.

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For more detailed information, please see our state requirements or refer to your local health authority.

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