Mississippi Food Manager Certification

State Regulations

The person in charge must be present at the food establishment during all hours of operation and must have successfully completed a manager certification course approved by the regulatory authority.

Certification Exam


Approved Certification Exams

ANAB-CFP Accredited Certification exams such as ServSafe, NRFSP, Always Food Safe, AboveTraining, 360 Training, and Prometric

Food Safety Training Requirement


Certificate Renewal

5 years

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How can I get my certificate?

You must complete 8 hours of training from an approved food protection manager certification program and take an accredited exam such as ServSafe.

Is there a minimum number of training hours?

Yes. Mississippi requires 8 hours of training prior to testing. Training may be taken either online or in person.

Does the Health Department require me to pay an additional fee to make my certificate valid?

No, completing the 8-hour course and taking one of the approved examinations is all that is required to receive a Food Manager Certificate in Mississippi.

Does my Food Manager Certificate expire?

Yes, your Food Manager Certificate will expire 5 years from the date of issuance.

How can I renew my certificate?

In order to renew your certificate, you will have to take the training and certification exam again.

What is considered a food establishment?

A food establishment is defined as an operation that stores, prepares, packages, serves, vends or otherwise provides food for human consumption for pay. This includes any operation that is conducted in a mobile, stationary, temporary or permanent facility or location, where consumption is on or off the premises.

Do I need to have a Certified Food Protection Manager employed before I open my business?

Yes. The Mississippi State Department of Health will not issue a permit for a food establishment until a certified manager is appointed.

Can a person become a Certified Food Protection Manager for multiple food establishments?

No, the law requires one Certified Food Manager per food establishment to be present during all hours of operation.

What training and certification options do you offer in Mississipi?
  • Online Food Manager Training: A self-paced online training, which incorporates media-rich learning experiences: graphics, audio and interactive learning exercises. Highly effective educational learning program.
  • Online Study Guide: A comprehensive online study resource which covers many of the important core FDA food concepts. The study guide also includes Top 5 Tips to Passing the Food Manager Exam and Practice Exam.
  • Food Manager Exam: We offer the nationally accredited ServSafe exam, which is administered online by a registered proctor with ProctorU. Schedule the certification exam for a date and time of your choice and take it from the comfort of your home. Get your results the same day!