Food Manager Certification in Other States

Is the Food Manager Certification required nationwide?

No. However, the Food Manager Certification is mandatory in multiple states and counties.

Some jurisdictions specifically require that the Food Manager pass a test from an approved certification program; others require that the person in charge be able to demonstrate food safety knowledge, and becoming a Certified Food Protection Manager is considered one of several ways to meet this requirement.

How do I obtain the Food Protection Manager Certification?

Regulatory agencies usually abide by the ANAB-CFP standard and accept all nationally accredited certification exams, such as ServSafe, Prometric, NRFSP. For a complete list of ANAB-CFP approved certification programs click here.

Some local health departments, however, have developed their own training and certification programs for Food Managers. If you are unsure, please check with your local health authority for approved certification providers.

What is the passing score for the Food Safety Manager exam?

The minimum passing score is 75%.

Do you offer the ANAB-CFP certification exams?

Yes. We offer the ANAB-approved Certified Food Protection Manager Examinations ServSafe Exam. To find training and certification options click here.

How long is the Food Protection Manager certificate valid for?

Generally, 5 years. However, your state or city may require you to renew sooner, depending on local health regulations.

I received the Food Manager Certification in another state. Will my certificate be valid in other states?

Some health departments offer reciprocity, provided that the Food Manager Certificate has been obtained from one of the ANAB-CFP nationally accredited programs, such as ServSafe, NRFSP, Always Food Safe, AboveTraining, 360 Training, and Prometric.

Is training mandatory?

This varies depending on the jurisdiction. Some states and/or counties may only require you to take and pass a certification exam from an approved source. However, a food safety training course is always recommended to help you pass the exam and gain more in-depth knowledge on how to prevent foodborne illness.

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