Ergonomics are important

With the restaurant landscape always changing, ergonomics remains an important consideration in the design and engineering of foodservice facilities.

Ergonomics is the directive concerned with the interaction between people and objects in their environment, and is usually applied to the workplace. Things like the height of counters or prep tables need to be comfortable to work at so employees avoid injury, such as back problems, which can severely affect work performance.

Items need to be easily accessible by all employees, so having commonly used items on a top shelf when staff of a shorter stature need to access them creates a hassle, and the time used to pull out and climb a stepladder is time lost.

Aisle width is another consideration, since frequent movement from one location to another adds up quickly.

Having adjustable work tables and shelving can make a big difference in both productivity and employee comfort. All of these ergonomic considerations should be paramount when remodeling or building a foodservice facility.

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