Published February 26, 2018

Pizza Inn Unveils Non-Traditional Express Model

Pizza pie kiosks are something that can make you feel like you can get a good pizza pie at any time. This is why the Pizza Inn is something that can make the biggest difference in pizza making. People are use to buying all kinds of different items out of a kiosk, but it is […]

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Published February 22, 2018

Why 2018 Could Be McDonald’s Best Year Ever

After a stunning 2017 for McDonalds, CEO Steve Easterbrook says they are just getting started. After restructuring with less bureaucracy and more food offerings, the company‚Äôs revenue declined. More importantly than the revenue decline is the fact that profits rose a large 28%. Analysts are predicting that this will be the fourth year in a […]

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Published February 19, 2018

DOL Proposes New Tip Pooling Rule

Although the Department of Labor has established a minimum wage by government for $7.25 and hour many in the service industry work for tips. The tips rule as it is today under the Obama administration guidelines stipulates that a front house guest facing worker can be paid $2.13 an hour plus tips as long as […]

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Published February 15, 2018

Is Cash Dead in the Hospitality Sector? – By Sarah Clelland

Cash is king, or not. A recent opening of a restaurant in New York called the Shake Shack has brought attention to its unique style of payment method. The new business will only accept payment by phone or card but not cash. This move for many signifies the dying of currency based coffee shops and […]

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Published February 12, 2018

Tillster’s Online and Mobile Ordering Index Reveals How Consumers Want to Order Food

Being able to order food online is something that many people enjoy. Ordering online makes things so much easier. Yes the younger generation enjoys ordering online but so do some of the older generation. When it comes to ordering you food, people like for that particular restaurant to deliver it themselves. While Uber Eats is […]

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Published February 5, 2018

CaliBurger Unveils Self-Ordering Kiosks with Facial Recognition

The Pasadena location of restaurant chain Caliburger has recently become equipped with some exciting new technology. The restaurant now boasts a kiosk that allows customers to place orders with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Cali Group, the owners of the chain, will monitor customer reaction to the new kiosk at Pasadena, and, if feedback is […]

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Published February 1, 2018

Inside the Rise of Eatertainment Dining

The rise of entertainment in dining is a fast growing trend. Many people in today’s world are not just seeking a casual dinner and conversation anymore. For most it is the entire experience. The ability to eat and be entertained as well as enjoying gatherings of social groups according to this article is adding to […]

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