Published April 30, 2018

New York Restaurants Look to NorthStar Innovative Point of Sale Solution To Manage Operations

The restaurant industry, despite being one of the most prevalent and established businesses in the country, is always looking to new innovation, and in particular to the embrace of technology. And one of the biggest opportunities to leverage technology is in POS systems – tying the front of house to the back. NorthStar has been […]

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Published April 26, 2018

How To Do Prix Fixe Menus the Right Way

Prix-fixe menus are a great addition to any restaurant’s offerings, and are attractive to restaurateurs because of their inherent features, guaranteeing a high check size for each diner. However, there are some things to keep in mind before moving forward. First, think about how to use prix-fixe offerings strategically, such as at lunch and on […]

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Published April 23, 2018

3 Sides that are Way More Interesting than Fries

We all love a French fry. But, sometimes the tried and true can bore a palate. has found three dishes that build on comfort food basics and ethnic good staples in order to create some really different and delectable sides. The Chickory’s Street Corn takes iconic American and Mexican street grub and fuses the […]

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Published April 19, 2018

Never Take Shortcuts with Restaurant Safety

Nothing can slow down the operators of a quick-serve restaurant faster than dealing with a safety issue and possible legal or insurance liability. As such, a QSR operator’s focus needs to be on safety at all times. Within the footprint of the restaurant, take all possible precautions, from equipment placement to footwear selection. Then, be […]

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Published April 16, 2018

Is Venture Capital Right for Your Restaurant Concept?

Restaurant owners often wrestle with the idea of taking venture capital in order to grow their business. Maria Empanada, owner of Studio Candela, an Argentinian restaurant in Denver, decided to take the plunge. With the help of a consultant, she secured approximately 3.5 million dollars in Series A funding from a well-known venture capital firm […]

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Published April 12, 2018

3 Ways Public Records Can Help Your Restaurant Business Thrive

Starting a restaurant business can take a lot of effort and planning. One of the most important part of the planning is discovering the kind of clientele an owner might have in his chosen area. Knowing the age, lifestyle and average of income of the targeted clientele can help an owner adjust his menu and […]

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Published April 9, 2018

10 Tips to Rescue Your Brand from the Brink

One decade has passed since the 2008 global financial crisis, but the restaurant industry still has yet to fully recover. However, some leaders of companies within the industry have discovered key strategies that can bring about proven results as businesses struggle to recover from losses. Some of these tested strategies include returning to the brand’s […]

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Published April 5, 2018

Manitowoc Introduces Next Generation Ice Machine

Ice machines are becoming more advanced. You need to know that you can find the best people to manufacture the best possible ice machines out there. The truth is that the newer, larger ice machines out there kind of look like a washer dryer. The idea of having a key to a personal ice machine […]

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Published April 2, 2018

How to Avoid Someone Stealing Your Restaurant Décor

Protecting your restaurant’s brand and decor is important and can make or break your business. In this case, an ounce of prevention can do the trick. One way is using a “trade dress”, referring to elements of the restaurant’s design. Federally registering your trademark is one other option. Companies can register its trade dress on […]

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