Published March 27, 2012

What is a California Food Handlers Card?

As a person who is interested in becoming properly trained to handle food in the state of California, you need to know what the California food handlers card is, the law that put it into effect, who needs one of these cards, and how to get it. What is the California Food Handler Card Law? […]

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Published March 19, 2012

Climbing the Food Service Career Ladder – From a Restaurant Owner’s Perspective

If you are interested in starting a food service career, you most likely must start at the bottom and work your way up the ladder. Here’s some advice about getting started in the food service industry and how to provide exceptional customer service once you have your foot in the door. Become Certified in Your […]

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Published March 6, 2012

What Makes a Premier Food Safety Food Handlers Course Special?

A food handlers course is needed to obtain your California food handlers card. The New California Food Handler Card law requires that anyone who prepares, stores, or serves food must have a food handlers card. Premier Food Safety is the ideal place to complete your training course for several reasons. Online Food Handlers Course Option […]

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Can I Get A Food Handlers Permit Online?

A food handlers permit online is something everyone who prepares, serves, or stores food should think about obtaining. Of course, you don’t necessarily  have to obtain your food handler permit from an online source, but an online training course is simply incredibly convenient and easy. Premier Food Safety offers such a course with more than […]

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