Published August 30, 2018

Juice It Up! Ranked Third Smoothie/Juice Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine

Entrepreneur magazine regularly creates a list that honors the top-performers in their respective food franchise categories. These include such categories as Asian food purveyors, full-service restaurants and sandwich shops. The competition is intense with the magazine utilizing 150 data points to finalize their ultimate selections. Juice it up! recently had the thrill of getting to […]

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Published August 27, 2018

5 Tips to Design a Loyalty-Boosting Communications Strategy

Customer loyalty is the life’s blood of any quick service restaurant, especially smaller, local businesses. You need Top-of-Mind recognition of your brand that makes you the first place customers think of when they are hungry. Send new customers emails introducing your restaurant and your people, and thanking them for their patronage, and then continue to […]

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Published August 23, 2018

Wendy’s Roasts its Way to Social Media Stardom

Wendy’s has continued its long tradition of poking fun of competitors on Twitter, with a social media presence that is much snarkier and more pointed than the bland pronouncements of many rewstaurant twitter feeds. Wendy’s Twitter team of Wendy’s PR employees and ad agency staffers especially enjoy mocking competitors’ use of frozen beef with the […]

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Published August 20, 2018

How to Leverage Fruit on Your Menu

The growing and trendy juice-smoothie-bowl category encompasses a variety of new ways to incorporate fresh fruit into your diet while on a busy schedule. Juice and smoothie bars were a $2 billion industry last year, and offer a growing variety of treats that mix sweet and tart flavors from a variety of common produce as […]

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Published August 16, 2018

Placed Reveals How TV Can Affect In-Store Visits

A new collaboration between Placed, Kantar and Inscape is using data collected from 8 million Visio internet-connected TVs and over 350 million location enabled mobile devices to analyze the relationships between TV ads for over 100 brands on over 100 channels and real-life store visits. Simply put, the goal is to determine what types of […]

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Published August 13, 2018

How Branded Restaurants Group Makes The Most Out Of Influencer Marketing – Geo Marketing

Modern marketing techniques devote a lot of attention to so-called Influencers, people whose high profile social media accounts make them well-suited to disseminate your marketing message to people who already trust their information. However, more followers is not always better. An influencer with millions of followers all over the nation and the world may have […]

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Published August 9, 2018

Salsarita’s Sees Sale Lift Thanks to Drive Thrus

Salsarita’s is a native North Carolina Mexican grill that has made its way to Louisville, Kentucky, greatly expanding its profit margins. The Louisville location has now added a drive thru service to their facility, which has been shown to bring in a significant amount of new customers. In fact, over 22% of sales that are […]

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Published August 6, 2018

Can Fresh Be Financially Feasible for Restaurants?

When restaurants decide whether to produce fresh food for their customers, they have to consider the costs and the associated revenue that is expected to come with it and then make a decision. Some restaurants such as Sajj Mediterranean concentrate on their supply chain, choosing local farmers and a central location for preparing foods. Some […]

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Published August 2, 2018

Gipsee’s Allergen & Nutrition Calculator – a Feature Rich and Powerful Offering for Restaurant Chains

The Gipsee company has now released a nutrition and allergen calculator for qualifying restaurant chains so that consumers can become more aware of what they are eating and drinking. For each recipe that the restaurant needs evaluated, there is a $129 fee. This may seem costly, but when it comes to the costs saved in […]

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