How Data Makes Eating Out More Enjoyable

When diners sit down to a nice meal out at a restaurant, they understand that a good amount of effort goes into preparing, cooking and serving their dinner, but most customers don’t realize that the work of restaurants and corporate chains doesn’t end there. In order to serve meals that customers will like and spend money on, in an atmosphere that they will feel comfortable in and enjoy, a lot of data analytics goes into play. Data analytics plays a large role in the success of restaurants, and especially in our modern world where we have access to so many more kinds of data than were ever available before. This post from BBC goes into the use of restaurant data analysis even further, providing some insightful examples of successful application of data results.

International chains like Pizza Hut and Tesco have been incorporating data analysis into their business decisions for years, and with much success. As the post points out, humans aren’t always able to make business decisions from a scientific standpoint as well as data can; there is hard evidence to point to, rather than emotions or guesswork. Regularly analyzing data, and running control tests, can help companies know when to incorporate new ingredients, menu items, or even decor. For more on the effects of data in the foodservice industry, read on.

Read the full article here: From Pizzas to Cocktails the Data Crunching Way

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