Get Fresh with These Frying Trends

If you’ve ever tasted a French fry, fried chicken, or other deliciously fried morsel of food, then you know how addicting and tasty fried foods can be. So, it comes as no surprise that frying is #2 in the list of most popular food preparation techniques. But lately there’s been a shift away from fattening foods like fried fare and a greater focus on fresh, local and healthful ingredients. This post from Nation’s Restaurant News looks at this shift, and also examines ways to keep fried foods on your menu while making them a little healthier in the process.

The post cites the millennial generation as one of the major impetuses in the increasing demand for healthier, fresher foods with fewer artificial ingredients. And because millennials are so influential with their presence on mobile driving many major business decisions, restaurants are doing what they can to follow suit. Luckily, that doesn’t have to mean doing away with fried foods altogether, especially since many diners still do love their French fries. By using fresh potatoes and cutting them in house, rather than using bagged frozen potatoes, and by experimenting with different oils for frying, restaurants can satisfy the needs for both fresh and fried all at once. For more tips on how to adjust to this shifting mindset, continue reading.

Read the full article here: Fresh Is the Future of Frying

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