5 Insights About Modern American Food Culture

We are truly in the midst of a renaissance of American food culture today. Consumers are more educated, enthusiastic, and passionate about the food they eat, and have an appetite for new information and experiences in the food world. American media devotes more and more ink to all things comestible, and food is a fun and engaging topic of conversation.

The Hartman Group has released a deep-dive report on the current state of American food culture that explores how American appetites have shifted in the last few years. While the report is vast and thorough, there are five key findings from it that exemplify the recent changes in American food culture it explores.

It should be noted that there are different types of consumer. Not everyone has followed the American food revolution. For people who have followed the trend and become more engaged with food, desire for variety has changed the way they cook and where they choose to eat out. The schedule of mealtimes has also drifted to accommodate modern work schedules. Finally, the meaning of “fresh,” always variable, has now drifted to connotating a level of transparency bout ingredient sourcing.

Read the full article here: Food Culture Today: New Appetites, New Routines

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