Butter is Back

After decades of being demonized for its purported negative health effects, butter is coming back into Americans’ good graces. According to the American Butter Institute, consumption of butter has increased 25 percent over the last ten years and is at its highest level since the 70s. Butter’s resurgence has been aided by the reappraisal of the importance of fat in a balanced diet and the recent research about the harmful benefits of the trans fats used in many butter substitutes.

Butter has been showing up prominently in all kinds of American chain restaurants recently. Jack in the Box scored a major hit with their introduction of the Classic Buttery Jack Burger, which incorporates a garlic-herb compound butter similar to the ones found at fancy steakhouses. Bonefish Grill dresses up their Swordfish and Pumpkin Ravioli with a truffle-flavored compound butter. Even McDonald’s is jumping on the butter bandwagon. The chain announced that they would switch to using real butter on their McMuffins as part of their all-day breakfast rollout in September.

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