The Problem with BPA

One of the reasons why the restaurant business is so hard is because it combines a unique level of various challenges.

When you were first opening your place you had made many decisions about the type of restaurant you would have. You chose chefs to help you realize the vision of the cultural fusion and who were at the top of their field.

You prepared a location that was easily accessible but also had a great surrounding so that your patrons would be intrigued to visit.

You also had to choose a friendly set of waiters, hosts, and front of staff team to make sure to greet your customers with a cheerful energy.

Now that you have the mechanics figured out, you had to decide where you will source your food and what kind of cuisine you would provide.

All of these decisions make starting a restaurant difficult and maintaining a restaurant can be hard given all of the decisions you must make to keep it fresh and sustainable.

New studies are showing that BPA may be more of a problem than you thought with canned and bottled goods. If you are looking for an update on how to serve the healthiest food to your patrons, read this article today!


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