How to Boost Seasonal Sales

If you run a franchise, you understand what the endeavor is to get seasonal items for your menu to attract new customers. Every season presents a new creative challenge to bring back some customer favorites while pushing the limits to create something unique that your patrons will love.

Spring brings on new salads, fresh cocktails, and chocolate desserts for Valentine’s Day. Summer brings on barbecue foods with hotdogs for Fourth of July.

In fall you have the ability to use every squash in soups and pies for Thanksgiving, and in winter you can create hearty stews and chili while serving a range of cocoas. There is a lot of conceptual time and thought that goes into crafting the perfect seasonal menu and administering the food and promotions needed to each store.

This is why you may notice that although you have done plenty of conceptive work to create these dishes, you may not see the boost in sales that you were expecting!

The best way to pass down these amazing dishes is with explicit instructions that allows your employees to become great brand ambassadors for your new products. If you want to know the best way to create great training videos for your employees to boost seasonal sales, read this article today!


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