How to Handle No-Shows

Picture your restaurant on one of your busier evenings. You are situated conveniently close to a lot of foot traffic and a popular movie just let out near your location. Now the streets are filled with hungry pedestrians looking for a place to eat.

Thankfully they start pouring into your place and your restaurant begins buzzing. The chefs are whipping up dishes at an electric pace, the front of house is doing their best to seat and accommodate and your waiters are picking up the speed to satisfy the hungry deluge of customers.

Your whole operation is running like a tight ship, but still a line of customers builds outside the door. People are generally patient but are starting to grow restless that they have yet to be seated.

Then, the people at the front see an empty table and start a clamor about why they can’t be seated there. No matter how much you try to explain that the table is reserved for a couple that has yet to show, you can’t pacify their anger.

No shows happen and they can really halt your flow. IF you are looking for strategies to limit no-shows, read this article today!


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