Chick Fil A’s Maureen Donahue’s Summit Speech!

The food industry is unique in many ways. It combines the pressures of any business atmosphere with the push to be creatively and artistically driven. Many of the restaurants and brands that we have all come to know and love, become as popular as they are because the people in charge were able to master this dualism to running a food business.

Even fast food brands, like Chick Fil A, fought hard to make their signature staples unique and flavorful. They also expanded quickly across the country although they are only open 6 days a week.

Chick Fil A has also successfully done what few restaurants are able to do: bounce back after a prolonged resistance to their brand. After the summer of 2012, many people saw the decline of the popular chicken chain due to some of their conservative lifestyle views.

However, the chain has come back stronger and managed to successfully preserve their brand. If you are looking for insight on how to get your brand to an unshakeable level of success, read this article today!


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