3 beverage trends for summer menus

In food service director’s article relating to beverage trends, they speak on some of the recent trends with beverages that have hit summer menus. They speak on the huge change that has occurred over years from carbonated drinks to specialty order drinks. They also emphasize the importance of water and providing a fresh approach to the drink menu. They also provide another tip which emphasis the importance of drink and ingredient experimentation to increase the uniqueness of the drink.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bottled water is the top beverage purchase among Gen Z college students.
  • Beyond water, younger consumers prefer highly flavored, custom-made beverages.
  • Iced and frozen coffees are becoming increasingly popular.

“According to April 2016 research from Beverage Marketing Corporation (BMC) and conducted by Fluent Group, a Boston-based college marketing and insights agency, bottled water is the top beverage purchase among Gen Z college students, with 43 percent consuming it seven or more times per week.”


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