Report: Fast Casual Owns the Mobile Space

DMI, a company centered around mobility services and solutions, has published a ranking of mobility leaders i the limited-service industry. Surveying more than 75 restaurants in the US, the ranking assessed each restaurant’s ability to meet customers’ increasingly mobile needs. The ranking indicated that while well-designed mobile experiences (e.g. apps) and brand loyalty were increased trends, consumers still expressed that the mobile experience has yet to be perfected.

Key Takeaways:

  • DMI, a global provider of end-to-end mobility services and solutions, announced its first annual ranking of mobility leaders in the limited-service industry.
  • By revealing which limited-service restaurants offer the most robust mobile experiences today, DMI has provided a clear and comprehensive snapshot of the state of mobility within this quickly growing industry.
  • Of the concepts evaluated, fast casual owns the mobile space, followed by coffee shops, pizza, and traditional fast-food restaurants.

“DMI’s benchmarking study revealed that although some quick serves are providing better mobile experiences than others, none are fully satisfying their customers’ desires.”

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