99 Percent of Brands Don’t Have this Vital Growth Ingredient

Having a successful company isn’t necessarily about having a good product- it is more so about having a good brand. Finding that inch of difference and your company’s position within the marketplace will help you to define your vision statement and lead to a plan to execute it. Companies like Chipotle and Apple have proven this. While Chipotle’s food is great, they are selling a customer experience. Apple has really good products but they are selling the idea of innovation. Although it might take some time to find your place, doing so will lead to success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Nick Powills describes proper brand positioning as defining the one inch difference that sets a business apart in the marketplace.
  • In his opinion, that one inch difference is rarely attributable to experience, legacy, or even the brand product.
  • He describes it as more of an overall ambiance, a consumer experience, such as how Apple’s connection with innovation through technology imbues all of its products.

“Data, a willingness to change and more data will help guide you to an opportunity at defining your positioning in whatever crowded marketplace you occupy.”

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