Going Digital? Don’t Sacrifice Your Brand Experience

Moving from an in-store experience to an App based experience for users is not as difficult as it can be for restaurant owners. With the convenience of delivery options and ordering online many consumers are changing the way they want their orders placed. Many know that your Brand Experience is what brings customers through the doors. By digitizing a business some would say you should stick with this type of experience but create an online ordering experience that draws customers just as well. People who order online also tend to spend as much as 26% more and in an ever increasingly competitive market one may not wish to sacrifice this much slice of the pie.

Key Takeaways:

  • Research suggests that when given the option to order food online customers they are likely to spend more than they would without the option
  • Don’t overlook how your customer’s experience with your company through digital platforms can have just as much impact on the brand as other types of experiences.
  • With digital experiences it is important to provide your customers with a consistent and user friendly user interface and user experience.

“The digital transformation is in full swing for companies of all shapes and sizes, and nowhere is that quite as apparent as it is in the restaurant business. A”

Read more: https://www.qsrmagazine.com/outside-insights/going-digital-dont-sacrifice-your-brand-experience

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