Why 2018 Will Be The Year of Drive-Thru Innovation

A Drive-thru apocalypse may be fast approaching in the near future. With the advent of food delivery services and curbside drop-offs many Drive-Thru chains are looking to be more innovative and appealing to the way consumers acquire their meals. Tim Cook and others have expressed the changes and innovations within this article about what consumers may expect. Not just the consumers but investors as well have been looking for ways to adapt and compete in a fast growing market of food delivery services.

Key Takeaways:

  • Technology plays a valuable role in the future of drive-thrus and quick service restaurants but companies must also take into considerations all aspects of how the technology will affect its company.
  • The implementation of mobile ordering over the last year has given Starbucks and Panera Bread both an increase in sales. However, Starbucks was not prepared for this volume of mobile orders.
  • In order to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality throughout the ongoing changes including delivery, menus and packaging may need to be restructured.

“Curbside pickup and delivery will grow in the near future, causing operators to make significant investments in packaging.”

Read more: https://www.qsrmagazine.com/outside-insights/why-2018-will-be-year-drive-thru-innovation

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