How to Cash in on the Gourmet Coffee Game

Everybody loves coffee, and more often the industry is starting to become a major money maker for a broad array of people. As gourmet coffee becomes increasingly in demand around the internet, it provides opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs to make their marks. By paying attention to the trends and wants of consumers in this emerging industry, it becomes far easier to understand how best to approach and enter the market, and develop a profitable business off of selling coffee.

Key Takeaways:

  • With coffee being such a hot commodity these days, restaurants have a plethora of options to offer their caffeine-loving customers.
  • According to coffee marketing expert Emily Wood Bowron, the key to success in restaurant coffee choices is customization.
  • The two hottest trends in coffee at the moment are cold brew and hot “bakery” flavors, such as maple, gingerbread, and caramel.

“To accommodate the demand for high-quality coffee options, a number of small- and large-scale coffee roasters provide selections for operators so they don’t need to be left behind in the coffee competition.”

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