Inside the Stunning Comeback of a Fast-Casual Pioneer

Pioneers are very unique individuals in the things that they do. Noodles and Company has released a new campaign and it has seen its profits raise at an exponential rate. After making some big losses in previous years, the company saw a big opportunity to change things up and almost have a whole new rebrand. By taking sandwiches off of the menu, the company was hoping that it would get more people as customers and it worked.

Key Takeaways:

  • Noodles are a type of food that people will always have a use for.
  • Even for a massive company, it is smart to take a step back at times and reevaluate what you are doing.
  • Re-branding can be really healthy for your company if done correctly and at the right time.

“For Dave Boennighausen, who was named the chain’s permanent CEO June 2017, a summer after Kevin Reedy stepped down, the Zoodle is a worthy headline-stealer. But the comeback began long before the product hit menus nationwide in early May.”

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