You Have to Go High-Tech to Stay Ahead of the Game

Everyone knows that millennials and members of Generation Z are some of the most influential, important and often intangible target consumers. Whatever they say, goes, and whatever they’re interested in becomes the next new thing. For restaurants, that next new thing is mobile gamification, and this post from QSR Web explains how to employ this strategy within your own restaurant, and the benefits it could have on your bottom line.

These days, people are more interested in a unique dining experience than they are just the meal sitting on the plate in front of them. Having a mobile presence, connecting with customers on social media, and engaging customers with mobile games can all contribute to a unique and interesting experience they can’t get elsewhere. Mobile gamification keeps diners interested, especially when they have the unique ability to win prizes, gain points for dining freebies, or are able to compete with their fellow diners at their dinner table. Mobile games are not only fun for every diner, they elevate the entire dining experience. So, if you want your restaurant to stay relevant and reach this elusive target audience, you have to stay ahead of the game.

Read the full article here: Why Restaurants Should Up Their Mobile Games

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