Mobile Makes Everything Easier, Including Tipping

Mobile processes make things easier for restaurants and customers alike. You can order ahead, have food delivered right to your doorstep, put your name on a restaurant waitlist, and even pay through an app. But does all the ease that mobile offers make it too easy for customers not to tip? This post from FSR Magazine digs into this question, and offers some encouraging theories about the impact (or lack thereof) that mobile payments will have on tipping. All things considered, mobile payment systems may actually make it easier for diners to tip, and tip more, than traditional payment methods, not the other way around. Unlike paying with cash, customers aren’t limited by the amount they’re able to spend when they use a credit or debit card, meaning they won’t feel particularly prudent when deciding how much tip to leave for stellar service. Another reason they’ll still be keen to leave a generous gratuity? Unlike paying a normal bill and tacking on tip after your waiter has already said goodnight, most mobile payments are processed by the waiter tableside, meaning they’ll know right then and there how much, or how little, you’ve decided to give them, and no one wants to face the potential embarrassment of being a cheapskate.

Read the full article here: How Do Mobile Payments Impact Tips?

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