The Business in Barbecue


There has been a large boom of success for a lot of local and major barbecue restaurants and brands. While we all love the signature dishes and southern styles that barbecue has to offer, it can sometimes be a wonder how a niche genre of food is taking over the franchising market.

One way to explain the rise of barbecue is to think about the time of year. Now that we are heading towards summer, the way that people enjoy food changes. People like food that they can eat, prepare, and enjoy outdoors.

Barbecue has a distinct smoky flavor that reminds us of grilling, picnics, and summertime parties. Barbecue cuisine also seems to master all aspects of one’s palette. It can be sweet, smoky, savory, crispy, or melt-in-your-mouth chewy.

Many patrons can find something they connect to in one of these categories and that can also lead to the success of many barbecue chains. If you are looking for inspiration to start your own barbecue restaurant, check out this article today!


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