Oil disposal issues fuel safety concerns and rising labor costs

When it comes to businesses and oil disposal issues, this can be a very talked about subject along with the rising labor costs in business. However there are many safety concerns that go along with the disposal of oil. This article gives you the insight and a more in depth look into the safety concerns of oil disposal and the recent rising labor costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • The fryer is not just the center of flavor and crispiness in many professional kitchens.
  • It is also the place where operators can start to solve the problems of safety and rising labor costs.
  • Used cooking oil is not only unsightly, odorous and attractive to pests, but it also is one more expense for operators who are facing the challenge of rising labor costs.

“Handling fryer oil also can be dangerous. No one wants workers to be injured, and restaurant operators are at risk of being charged higher workers’ compensation premiums due to claims from burns, slips on greasy floors, lifting heavy buckets of oil and other injuries.”


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