Restaurant Technologies Forecasts the Year of the Smarter Kitchen at NAFEM Show 2017

Restaurant Technologies is scheduled to kick off the year of the smarter kitchen at the NAFEM Show, Feb. 9-11, in Orlando, Fla. The company plans to showcase its award-winning Total Oil Management solution, an automated oil management system, and recently launched Auto Mist, an automated hood, flue and fan cleaner; Auto Mist is going to be featured in the WHATS HOT! Technology is changing the way kitchens operate, and that is why we’ve forecasted 2017 the year of the smarter kitchen. Restaurant Technologies guides operators to elevate sustainability efforts and safety measures using technology in the BOH.

Key Takeaways:

  • We believe food service operators will realize that being smart in the kitchen is no longer an option, but an obligation to address the evolving needs of a new workforce and diverse consumer mindset.
  • Common pain points among food service operators are finding and retaining talent, and concern over growing labor costs.
  • Experts discuss how to efficiently monitor and manage labor expenses through technology by simplifying laborious tasks and giving workers what they need to excel.

“Data-driven decisions and IoT are at the forefront this year. When it comes to monitoring the amount of fryer oil used in an operation, Restaurant Technologies can provide consultation on how to turn insightful data into improved efficiencies and cost savings.”

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