Social media for restaurants is not just for young people, says poll

A website for the hospitality industry issued an account summarizing an consulting firm’s recent poll about the use of social media by restaurant goers. The study found that not only young people consult social media when considering going to a restaurant. It found that 53% of people in the 56 to 65 year old bracket consult social media about a restaurant, versus 58% for people in the eighteen to thirty five year old group. This suggests that restaurants pay attention to their social media pages.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s not just the younger generation who are utilizing social media to make decisions about where to eat
  • Restaurants should take advantage of social media to increase their traffic
  • Both young and older generations are using social media to take advantage of restaurants deals and feel more connected to restaurants through their media site.

“Social media should be priority for all restaurants, not just those aiming at a younger demographic.”

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