What’s Driving the Meal-Kit Movement

At home delivery is becoming a stronger and stronger emerging market. Many people are beginning to find it a cheaper solution than going to restaurants for travel. Many of the different delivery brands offer customization that keeps it always feeling new or fresh. From fast food to vegan and paleo diets every type of food is beginning to follow the meal kit trend. This is expected to continue as people today value being able to entertain at home without all the prep work of cooking after work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Accessible, Family-Style fresh meals are bundled for your ability to choose what to eat as you want it in a healthful way!
  • Filling a need for those who wish to eat healthy in a busy lifestyle, Meal-Kits allow you to choose your food your way.
  • The Meal-Kit Movement allows you to take and customize to your preference, while providing a well balanced meal option.

“Aside from being better suited for travel than already-assembled tacos and nachos, Yeager says the price point makes the bundle a better value than buying six individual menu items for a family dinner.”

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