The Future of Food Revealed at The Next Big Bite 2017

The future of food is not going to become over simplified as some would think, in our fast paced world. On a panel held at The Next Big Bite: How We Will Eat & Drink by LDNY upcoming trends in our eating habits and experiences was the main focus. The panel discussed how in restaurants the focus will be on having happier staff and telling people where there foods come from. The panel also brought up how there will be more cooking, which will teach children to have a healthy future. The future of food will be more about the experience of eating and cooking rather than the convenience we seek for today.

Key Takeaways:

  • A panel of food industry insiders came together to partake in The Next Big Bite:How We Will Eat & Drink.
  • Well-known panelists discussed food trends and the future of food at the NYC event.
  • A focus on plants (instead of meats), unique new foods from the ocean, and Croatian wines were among the newest food trends.

“Culinary leaders will use the untapped resources of the ocean to introduce new foods and species to consumers, all with sustainability in mind.”

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