Survey Reveals Employers Are Taking Longer To Fill Seasonal Positions

New survey information shows placing seasonal employees with companies is requiring more time than before. This is placing pressures on employers as they try to ensure their operations are properly staffed. Some of the affected employers are covering the shortfall by asking existing employees to take on more work hours, others have moved up recruiting efforts to give themselves more time to look for the needed workers. Some are even talking to previous seasonal employees, asking them to return again this year.

Key Takeaways:

  • 77% of businesses will have problems filling open positions with seasonal workers and take longer to do so.
  • A third of all seasonal workers find a position after only a single job application.
  • Some employers are offering more hours on a weekly basis to entice seasonal workers to sign up.

“According to the data, 77 percent of employers will face challenges hiring seasonal workers this year, taking 14 percent longer to secure seasonal staff than it did in 2016.”

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