Never Take Shortcuts with Restaurant Safety

Nothing can slow down the operators of a quick-serve restaurant faster than dealing with a safety issue and possible legal or insurance liability. As such, a QSR operator’s focus needs to be on safety at all times. Within the footprint of the restaurant, take all possible precautions, from equipment placement to footwear selection. Then, be sure to work with an appropriate insurance agency to ensure that you are provided with coverage for all relevant facets of your business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Restaurant operators need to have their full focus on safety, one of the most critical aspects of their businesses.
  • According to industry research, ever dollar invested in safety measures yields a 4-fold return in saved expenditures.
  • Start with the basics – safe equipment, non-slip shoes, etc. – and then work with your insurer to make sure that the big things are covered.

“One in 20 on-the-job injuries and illnesses worldwide occur at eating and drinking establishments, according to a study by Cintas Corporation. For every $1 spent on safety programs, businesses can save $4–6 from costs associated with injuries and fatalities.”

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