More Than 200 NYC Restaurants Demand Right to Add a Surcharge to Bills – Eater

Presently, it is not legal in New York for restaurants to tack a surcharge on to patron’s bills, but that could change in the near future. Over 200 restaurants have submitted a written request to Mayor Bill de Blasio asking for his support on lifting the ban on restaurants to charge a fully disclosed fee to diners. According to the New York City Hospitality Alliance, this would reduce regulatory burdens on restaurants and help them to remain financially solvent. In 2016, a proposed bill focused on lifting the ban failed to gain any momentum in the New York legislature.

Key Takeaways:

  • This notice about the surcharge was originally released by the NYC Hospitality Alliance.
  • Owners of eateries are worried about how they will cover the extra costs, even with menu prices rising.
  • Diners are looking forward to this change due to their overall bill ending up being a smaller portion.

“The idea is that tacking on a surcharge keeps the list price of dishes lower, a way to offset increasing costs while making it seem like prices haven’t gone up significantly.”

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