3 Surprising Ways to Explore Latin-American Cuisine

Latinos are becoming an increasingly important part of the American population. This means that food outlets that want to cater to their needs should be ready. The author of this article focuses on how fast-food and fast-casual outlets can do this and gives three suggestions they could implement. One suggestion is that they should prepare their food to be healthy and as if homemade. He contends that Latinos are very conscious of how a food is made and do not disturb themselves about calorie counts. He recommends adding freshness to a cuisine such as using fresh herbs or even sliced Chile peppers. Also, another recommendation is that they should settle for a hybrid Latino cuisine mixed with traditional American preparation. An example of this is California cuisine that is mixed with Mexican tradition to create a haute Mexican cuisine. Lastly, he suggests the designing of interesting menu items that stand apart using new or delicious ingredients.

Key Takeaways:

  • Los Angeles is leading the California pack when it comes to infusing its cuisine with Latin flavor.
  • Chefs are more frequently going to Latin cuisine when designing dishes for their fine-dining restaurants.
  • When it comes to Latin food, there’s more of a focus on making food from scratch than there is on calorie content.

“Central and South American cuisines incorporate a dizzying variety of novel and delicious ingredients, and all it takes is a careful focus on a few ingredients or dishes to devise interesting menu items that stand apart.”

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