A Look Inside the Fast-Food App War

There seem to be so many different fast food apps of recent times. Everyone is on their phone on a daily basis and as a result, food companies are looking to get involved. The bottom line is that people will pay for convenience and if you are able to order something from your mobile device and have it delivered, many people will do that! That is why these apps are growing so fast in places all over.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apps are being created daily. The numbers are staggering but it is reported that within 90 days app users have lost interest in a downloaded app.
  • Restaurants can win in the app market where others have failed because people must eat everyday.
  • On July 20, McDonalds app was skyrocketed to the No. 2 app position in the United States because it was offering free food.

“While the app market is a tenuous one in many respects, restaurants are finding the opportunity to be a lucrative outlet when leveraged properly.”

Read more: https://www.qsrmagazine.com/fast-food/look-inside-fast-food-app-war