5 Tips for a Truly Healthy Menu


It’s no secret that healthy eating is one of the major food trends right now, and the nation’s health craze seems unlikely to abate any time soon. If you want to attract health-conscious customers and create a truly healthy menu instead of a menu that’s just filled with buzzwords, these tips will be right up your alley.

First, make sure your brand’s nutrition information is up to date and accurate, especially if your business is large enough for the compulsory menu labeling requirements that come into effect in 2016. Consider reducing the sodium content of your menu. Restaurant food can have eye-popping salt levels, and with menu labeling customers will know exactly how much sodium they’re consuming when eating out.

Don’t just focus on reducing calories to make healthy menu items; concentrate on nutrient density as well. Customers are more educated about nutrition than they used to be, and expect to see whole grains, good fats, and smaller portion options on restaurant menus that purport to be healthy. This goes double for kids’ menus.

Finally, remember that more and more Americans have dietary restrictions like gluten intolerance, allergies, and vegetarian diets. If you forget to cater to this demographic, you lose a valuable slice of the market.

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