The Beauty of Self-Ordering Kiosks

Think about the last time you had some sort of complaint about your restaurant. Regardless of how tightly you run your ship, you know that it is normal that even the best of eateries has a complaint or two over the course of time.

For the most part, customer complaints aren’t about things outside your realm of control, like the sun being too bright outside. The majority of complaints have something to do with a human error from someone on your staff.

Whether it is a waiter accidentally forgetting to make an entrée vegetarian, or the bathrooms being untidy, or the wait-time for food, these areas all fall under the umbrella of human error.

However, there are ways to introduce technology into your restaurant to allow for a minimizing of these flaws. For example, a self-order kiosk lets the customer be in control of their order and the order is sent perfectly to the chef in a timely fashion.

If you are considering adding self-order kiosks to your space, check out this article today!


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