UFood Installs Self-Ordering Kiosks in New Units

UFood puts you in control! A new Kiosk has been installed at your favorite UFood Grill. Step up place your order, the way you want it from their menu. It goes straight to the kitchen to begin its prep. Your order arrives fresh, hot and just like you ordered within a convenient time frame. You enjoy your meal. Your server has time to keep your drink glass full. You have had a wonderful meal, just like you ordered it. You make it back to the office or to the theater on time. Mission Accomplished!

Key Takeaways:

  • Nextep is a leading provider of integrated foodservice technology, including cloud-based, point-of-sale, self-order kiosks, and digital ordering.
  • self-order kiosks allow restaurants to allocate more labor to concentrate on superior food preparation, deliver a 20–30 percent increase in revenue, help avoid crowds and long waits at traditional POS systems during peak traffic periods, and rate high on customer satisfaction for ease of use.
  • The kiosks will begin appearing in new UFood Grill locations this fall.

““We’re at the forefront of empowering UFood Grill guests from the moment they enter our restaurants,” says Sal Rincione, CEO of UFood Grill. “Today’s consumers want to be in control of their dining decisions, and this is one more way UFood will deliver a fast and seamless experience that gives them exactly what they want, the way they want it from our menu.””


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