CaliBurger Unveils Self-Ordering Kiosks with Facial Recognition

The Pasadena location of restaurant chain Caliburger has recently become equipped with some exciting new technology. The restaurant now boasts a kiosk that allows customers to place orders with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Cali Group, the owners of the chain, will monitor customer reaction to the new kiosk at Pasadena, and, if feedback is positive, they will make plans to introduce them on a global scale in the coming year. Also in the coming year, the kiosks will be updated so that customers will have the option to make payments using facial recognition technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • facial recognition would allow customers to interface and access things like coupons and loyalty points and order history.
  • If customers like the idea, we will soon see more of this on a global scale.
  • with no card to swipe, they hope to make the ordering process even faster.

“Cali Group and NEC Corporation of America unveiled new AI-enabled self-ordering kiosks at CaliBurger, Cali Group’s restaurant operating division.”

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