22 Brands Celebrating Anniversaries

Brands do get better with age, as they build longevity and trust amongst consumers. There are 22 brands celebrating upcoming anniversaries who prove exactly that. These are the names that you know and trust, and have for so many years now. Popeyes, Churchs Chicken, and Krystal are among the names who are celebrating anniversaries, but there’s many others also on this list. is your favorite brand getting ready to celebrate with these great, well-known brands?

Key Takeaways:

  • Going with the don’t change it if it works philosophy, Papaya King, the all-beef franks and tropical drinks purveyors, still use their original recipe.
  • Iconic doughnut dispenser, Krispy Kreme, started selling in 1937, but did not open a retail venue until 1989.
  • The fast-casual chain, Potbelly, actually got its start as an antique store, offering sandwiches to browsers.

“Brands are just like people; as they grow older, they mature, they change, and they suffer the same growing pains as the generations of brands that came before them.”

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