How to Take a Health-Minded Approach to Brunch

Brunch is often a meal for the weekend where over indulgence wins over self control. Bottomless mimosas and unhealthy food can quickly add up the calories. Google Trends shows that brunch has been becoming more popular in the last decade. People have said that they want both more indulgent and healthier options. This is a seemingly impossible dichotomy. Different restaurants have taken different approaches to filling this want of consumers. Adding bits of bacon to otherwise healthy meals is one approach.

Key Takeaways:

  • Brunch allows people to enjoy their meals after a hard week of eating well
  • Fatty foods can be enjoyed but need to be balanced with healthy foods
  • Eggs can be a very healthy and important part of a diet

“With its bottomless mimosas, eggs Benedict capped in rich sauce, and caramelized French toast drowned in maple syrup, brunch is the antidote to the week’s dietary and workout regimens—and often a literal antidote to the previous night’s indulgences. It’s also a leisurely chance to catch up with friends and family.”

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