Why Digital Media is the First Franchisee-Friendly Medium

Gone are the days when franchisees, whether large or small, bemoan not having access to data that shows the impact of their ad spending. Advertising measurements have made those worries obsolete. There are two options available for franchisees today and each franchisee can choose which can fit into its goals. First, they could use verified store-visitation data. This involves getting the statistics of what number of customers visited a store that were exposed to its ads. Google and Facebook have tools that make this possible. This option is especially attractive to small franchisees. The second is credit card swipe data. This involves taking anonymized or aggregated data from credit card swipes, loading it into an offline/online data onboarding system and then measuring how many people saw ads and then made an actual purchase. Large franchisees would be wont to use this using reputable agencies or technology firms. Whatever choice is chosen, measuring ad impact is now better than in the history of marketing and advertising.

Key Takeaways:

  • One of the hurdles faced by franchise owners is the worry that any advertising they put out is actually benefiting their competition.
  • Nonetheless, there are ways for franchise owners to ascertain if visual ads have had an impact on their store’s customer-base.
  • Facebook has tracking options and furthermore credit swipes linked to online data and profiles is also a good way of ascertaining who saw an ad and followed through with a purchase.

“Soon you will be able to measure every dollar of your digital advertising.”

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